Hwayo 53


Immerse yourself in the bold world of HWAYO 53, a premium spirit that redefines the essence of hard-core alcoholic types. Delivering an intense sensation upon each swallow, it boasts a clean finish that distinguishes it in the realm of high-proof libations.

53% Alcohol

Hwayo 53 Soju Cocktail
Soju Cocktail

Pairing Tip:

Strongly flavored and fatty foods
(Beijing duck, pork belly, nabe, lamb ribs)

Hwayo 53 Serving Suggestion
Serving Suggestion

Where refinement intertwines with boldness

The carafe housing HWAYO 53 is a masterpiece in itself, intricately designed to recreate the elegant curves of pottery. Adorning this exquisite vessel is the timeless 'dragon' pattern, an age-old symbol of nobility that embodies the profound meanings of wealth and good fortune, engraved with meticulous detail.

HWAYO 53 is more than a spirit; it's a symbol of good fortune, happiness, and celebration. This libation radiates positive energy and vitality, inviting you to revel in the richness of its character. Elevate your moments with HWAYO 53, where the intensity of the spirit harmoniously converges with the artistry of design, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Our Ingredients

100% Korean Rice
100% Korean Rice
Natural Mineral Water
Natural Mineral Water
Our Cultivated Microbe
Our Cultivated Microbe