Hwayo 41


Experience a paradigm shift with HWAYO 41 as it challenges the stereotype that high-proof liquor is synonymous with strength and burden. This exceptional spirit invites you to redefine your perception, proving that the true richness of flavor and taste can be best appreciated in a shot.

41% Alcohol

Hwayo 41 Soju Cocktail
Soju Cocktail

Pairing Tip:

Well-done or strongly flavored foods
(hot and sour pork, duck, ribs, eel, steak)

Hwayo 41 Suggestion
Serving Suggestion

Where heat intertwines with clarity

Indulge in the exquisite tenderness and intricate structure of HWAYO 41, whether savored neat or with ice, akin to the ritual of enjoying fine whiskey. Break free from preconceived notions as this spirit unfolds its layers, offering a delightful journey of nuanced complexity.

HWAYO 41 goes beyond being a drink; it signifies royalty, prosperity, and power. Entwined in various cultural elements, it becomes a symbol of richness and importance. Elevate your experience and challenge conventions with HWAYO 41, a libation that embodies the sophistication of taste and the empowerment of breaking barriers.

Our Ingredients

100% Korean Rice
100% Korean Rice
Natural Mineral Water
Natural Mineral Water
Our Cultivated Microbe
Our Cultivated Microbe