Hwayo Crane Mark

“Hwayo 화요” comes from the root of
the word “So ” in “Soju 소주

Dedicated to igniting a global passion for Korean cuisine with the world, HWAYO was established in 2003 with a vision that goes beyond dining – Our founder believes that every authentic Korean dish should be savored alongside a premium spirit crafted with unparalleled care and served on traditional, exquisite ceramic tableware. Each piece is a testament to centuries of artisanal mastery.

HWAYO, a leading traditional Korean premium Soju crafted from the purest rice, embodies the very heart of Korean culture. Its name, 'Hwayo,' meaning 'Noble & Fire,' perfectly encapsulates Korea's blend of sophistication and passion, mirrored in its culinary delights and cherished traditions.

What sets HWAYO apart is its commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation. Through time-honored techniques like 'Onggi' maturation, where spirits age in porous clay pots, each sip of HWAYO is infused with layers of aroma and flavor that reflect Korea's rich heritage.

HWAYO captures the true spirit of Korean Soju, winning the hearts of locals and international enthusiasts alike. Whether enjoyed neat, over ice, or mixed into creative cocktails, HWAYO offers an unforgettable drinking experience.

HWAYO remains a timeless symbol of Korean hospitality and craftsmanship, enriching every moment shared around the table.

Chairman at the Hwayo Distillery in Korea
Hwayo Chairman TaeKwon Cho
Traditional South Korean ceramic, with the Hwayo crane insignia
Hwayo's Crane Insignia in Glazed Ceramic
Hwayo's 20 Year Commemorative Bottle
Hwayo's 20 Year Bottle
Hwayo President Lucia Cho
Hwayo President Lucia Cho