Hwayo 17


Embark on a sensory journey with HWAYO 17, where tradition meets innovation in a symphony of flavors. This exquisite spirit, born 20 years ago, not only preserves the timeless essence of HWAYO but also introduces a youthful and exclusive burst of freshness. Thriving with spirit and wine drinkers alike, particularly those who appreciate a low-proof spirit, HWAYO 17 unveils its authentic character when chilled to perfection.

17% Alcohol

Cocktail with Hwayo 17 Soju
Soju Cocktail

Pairing Tip:

Matches well when chilled and served with light and non-spicy foods during summer.
(white meat sashimi, salads, taco wasabi)

Hwayo 17 serving suggestion
Serving Suggestion

Where tradition intertwines with modernity

Unlike ordinary soju’s that are diluted and laden with artificial additives, HWAYO 17 stands out as a testament to purity and cleanliness. Let every sip transport you to a realm where tradition intertwines with modernity, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for the discerning palate. Representing more than just a beverage, HWAYO 17 signifies a fresh start and a new beginning.

Elevate your moments with the refreshing allure of HWAYO 17, a celebration of purity and a journey into the extraordinary that has thrived for two decades, captivating the hearts of those who appreciate the finer nuances of a low-proof spirit.

Our Ingredients

100% Korean Rice
100% Korean Rice
Natural Mineral Water
Natural Mineral Water
Our Cultivated Microbe
Our Cultivated Microbe